We’ve rounded up some of the ways in which volunteering for Hull Homeless Community Project can help young people to develop themselves, their skills and improve their employability.

Time management

Employers are always looking for people with the ability to organise themselves and their time. This includes being punctual, having enough time in the working day to complete necessary duties, and work as effectively as possible.

Volunteering with us will help you to get to grips with time management, as a lot of our projects require you to be on time and work to a tight schedule. It can be quite a tricky skill to master, but once you know how to prioritise and keep track of the clock, you’ll be an expert.

Working as part of a team

We’re a community project, so there’ll definitely be a lot of working with others when you volunteer for us. It’s a lot of fun too, as you get to collaborate with some incredible and inspiring people who are all passionate about the same cause.

There’ll be testing times too, however. Everyone is unique and has their own fantastic ways of thinking, so you might have to strike a compromise with another volunteer when trying to push forward on a project or activity. Nevertheless, this will prepare you fully for the working world.

Project management

“With many of our projects, we let our volunteers do a lot of the managing and organising,” explains Andrew Smith, CEO. “Of course, each member of our team will receive appropriate training first, but we usually let them take the lead after this.”

Potential employers and further education organisations will look for this quality in you. A big part of any future job or college/university course will involve managing your own projects and even other individuals. Here at HHCP, we allow you the chance to blossom in this area as you learn to manage activities and events.

Social skills

Again, a massive part of the volunteering process is meeting likeminded people. You can get to know some of your closest friends when you volunteer with us, they’re almost like our family!

“We’ve seen many of our volunteers, young people especially, really come out of their shells and grow in confidence,” enthuses Andrew.

If you’re keen to get involved, please email Andrew at info@hullhomeless.co.uk.