Rough sleeper outreach

Part of our commitment is to those who find themselves street Homeless, and as such we can provide emergency volunteer led rough sleeper outreach in Hull and the East Riding. This is a small charitable contribution in support of the Local Authorities statutory outreach provision undertaken by Emmaus on behalf of Hull City Council and East Riding Council. Our aim is to signpost, give information and advice to rough sleepers, street homeless, those not accessing shelter and those in transit. Our offering includes advocacy for rough sleepers in appointments and housing or health related meetings, we tie this in with our drop in service which runs weekly to give people a safe place to visit and support their pathways. This is possible thanks to the building of positive working relationships across agencies and is testament to both local authorities commitment in fully supporting rough sleepers.

To report a rough sleeper in Hull and the East Riding

Call Emmaus Outreach on: 01482 223722 to report a rough sleeper and leave a message with full details if necessary

Call us on 01482 231278 and leave a message with full details if necessary

If you are concerned someone my be at risk of becoming street homeless email us at and we can give you advice

Email us: for other inquiries

HHCP is a partner with Homeless link, this means we are working together to end UK homelessness. Bellow is advice and guidance regards rough sleeping, reporting procedures and best practice expectations

If you are concerned about someone you have seen sleeping rough, please alert your local Outreach team or StreetLink by calling 0300 500 0914 or via their website or mobile app, which is available to download for Apple or Android phones. The StreetLink team will ensure the person sleeping rough is connected up with the services, accommodation and support available in their local area to help them away from the streets as quickly as possible.

Sleeping rough is harmful and dangerous and we advise that if you are at risk of becoming homeless, to contact your local housing authority who should provide advice and guidance.

Homeless England is the leading source of information about advice, support, hostels and supported accommodation for homeless people and those at risk of homelessness in England. If you are in England you can search for homeless services in your local area.

Shelter is a UK charity which provides free, confidential advice to people with all kinds of housing problems.

StreetLink have produced a helpful guide called Getting Help If You’re Homeless

Guidance on Advice and Assistance from Local Authorities 

This guidance document  by Homeless Link is intended to support completion of the advice and assistance letter. The purpose of the advice and assistance letter is to confirm in writing the advice and assistance that has been given to an individual approaching the Council. The objective of the letter is to achieve transparency, with the individual having a written record of the adviser’s understanding of his/her circumstances, the advice provided and the further actions and support offered by the Council and other relevant agencies.

Click here to download a template of advice and assistance the letter

Click here to download a template Local Authority Log

About rough sleeping

If you’re concerned about someone sleeping rough, get in touch so that we can connect them to local support and services they need.

Anyone can become homeless, and sleeping rough can be dangerous and can damage your health.

The longer someone sleeps rough, the greater the risk that they will become trapped on the streets and vulnerable to becoming a victim of crime, developing drug or alcohol problems, or experiencing problems with their health.

Rough sleepers may not be known to local services because they remain out of sight, bedding down at different times of day or night, and moving from place to place.

Not all rough sleepers are aware that advice and support is available to them.

Do not assume someone rough sleeping has been offered support, they may be new to the streets or not willing to engage. If you are unsure about anyone you see on the streets, they may be very young or old, look unwell or in distress, then call the emergency services or refer to local homeless support and seek advice.


Should I ask people about their situation?

There is no need to approach someone you don’t know to ask them about their situation. This is the job of local services. All you need to do is contact StreetLink or your local outreach service. You could offer them a hot drink or food, if you have serious medical concerns you should ring emergency services.

What about people I have seen sleeping rough for a long time?

Some people may have a longer history of rough sleeping, be known to local services and may require longer term support to help them leave the streets. This can include people who suffer with mental health issues or who cannot access services in the area in which they are rough sleeping.

What if I know someone who is homeless but they are not sleeping rough?

Rough sleeping is the most visible sign of homelessness. There are other people who are homeless and in temporary accommodation, such as hostels. There are also individuals and families who become homeless but find temporary solutions, such as staying with friends or family. This group of people can approach their local council’s Housing Options service for advice and assistance.