Say Hello to Herbie

Herbie our Mobile Community Hub is a lottery funded project to literally take our show on the road across the East Riding.

Who is Herbie?

Herbie is our 2013 little white Peugeot Partner van, we bought him In September (2017) and are currently in the process of having him converted in to our community hub and retail coffee shop Cof-free.

The Hub

We started the project as we believe the mobile hub is an innovative idea that has never been done before in our region. It is something which will be visible, accessible and approachable and we believe it will inspire the local community and improve cohesion and service delivery. Following feedback from our service users and the wider community, we have discovered there is a need for services to be as mobile and accessible as possible due to the fact that users are not always as mobile as they would like and we are working to cover a large geographical location.

This also aligns with our belief that all services should be as far reaching and as fair to all service users regardless of geographical location. We really want the opportunity to enhance and improve our existing service. Due to our current success and positive impact with our outreach service we believe this is a solid foundation from which to build upon and deliver truly mobile and accessible support.

The main focus of the project will predominantly be the rootless and homeless however, we see this as a real opportunity to further the aims of our work and reach every section of the wider community regarding the issues surrounding homelessness, social responsibility, inclusion and diversity. We believe the whole community will benefit as we can utilize the vehicle to offer information and advice to the general public and visitors to Hull on homelessness, people worried about homelessness, services available and work carried out in Hull and the East Riding.

So what is Cof-free?

As with any charitable project it has to be sustainable, we have an obligation to ensure any project has longevity and a legacy. Therefore “Cof-free” is our retail brand that we will use to pay for the running of the hub, as well as this it will serve as a great, social way to spread our message and educate more people about the realities of homelessness.

Herbie will be hitting the fairs, fates and festivals to serve great tasting freshly ground bean to cup coffee and give meaningful volunteer opportunities to some of our beneficiaries.  What better way to learn about homelessness than to be served coffee by someone with first hand experience!

Herbie is currently under construction, over the coming months we will update you with his progress until he is finally ready to hit the road.

Beep Beep!