As part of our focused commitment to inspire and educate children and young adults we would like to welcome Olivia to the HHCP family

Olivia is like any normal 12 year old girl but with one huge addition.. her heart!

Olivia not only wants to make a difference, but she actually does. From a very young age she has always wanted to help those around her who are less fortunate, be it people or animals. This little girl is a true hero already, volunteering for youth in nature, little stars and countless other projects that benefit her community. Helping the homeless and vulnerable has always been a passion of hers, with the last few years seeing her complete many Christmas collections for shelters in Hull, always wanting to do more she wanted to be more actively involved in a homeless charity, unfortunately her young age was against her. Pressing on undeterred she, with the help of mum, approached us in April this year and asked if she could volunteer, of course we said yes! Already knowing about this wonderful little girl made it an easy answer to give.

A part of our commitment to homelessness and the issues surrounding it we invest heavily in inspiring and educating children and young adults about homelessness, poverty and social responsibility, so having the opportunity to have someone such as Olivia joining our team and playing an active role was one we could not miss, more so knowing of her work already it was an absolute honour to be asked. As a dedicated Homeless charity and community project we feel it important to explore all avenues of social change, this compliments our mission to help as many people on their journey from rough sleeping to independent living and social confidence.

We can’t inspire change without education, without nurturing passions and affording opportunities to those who care enough to try! Charity isn’t just about what you can “give” it’s about what you can share, be it food, clothing, housing, money, love, compassion, empathy, time and hope.. It’s about growing together, learning, inspiring, educating, it’s about supporting and promoting change, pushing for reform and understanding, falling down and getting back up, breaking the mould, being brave enough to be different, inspiring individuality, strength in being unique, showing its ok to be different, standing up and being counted, having hope, believing in people, trust, dedication and courage 💚 We won’t save the world, and we won’t finish what we started… But our children will… If we let them. Be proud to celebrate them, to back them in their endeavours and allow them to venture into the unknown… Be their rock and their guide sure… but more than anything… Be brave enough to be their inspiration.

Olivia is joining us at our twice weekly kitchen, she will be learning the ropes of the charity and helping us with events, donations and collections as well as being a youth champion for social change and positivity in our city. we’d like to welcome her to the team and look forward to some exciting and worthwhile times to come.

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