Our Commitment as an official City Of Culture community brand for 2017

We are proud to be working with Hull City of Culture 2017 as an official community brand representing the homeless and rootless of Hull as well as local charity and community social enterprise.

We have a real passion for ensuring everyone gets equal and fair access to the celebrations no matter what their circumstance, housing situation or family difficulties. Over the last six months and the coming eighteen month we will be representing and encouraging our families and service users to be part of this amazing year.

We will be working on event participation, volunteer opportunities, social impact, arts, culture and developing the impact we can make together. All of our cities hostels and shelters are being encouraged to take part and join in the fun. The personal development this participation can have for vulnerable people is extremely beneficial, more so the skills and confidence that will come from volunteering participation can really really propel people in to a new way of live and personal/social achievement. We have a real obligation and opportunity to expose our service users to as much positive and engaging opportunities as possible.

This next year is going to be amazing and we are super excited to be part of the story!

The last few months we have been working with Hull UK City of Culture 2017 on engagement for the city of culture year with our homeless, vulnerable and hard to reach community, young and old. We are a Charity committed and passionate about everyone receiving the same access to opportunities, volunteering and participation.

Last night James (COC) joined us for a presentation and discussion with the residents of Westbourne House Humbercare Ltd on how they can potentially volunteer, ways we can include them in events and how they can be part of our special year. There were some brilliant ideas, willing and excited volunteers and great discussions about what it means to live in Hull. We will be working with groups going forward with volunteering, their participation and their own contributions to 2017 and we’re very excited. 

We’re so proud to be part of the celebrations and to be an official 2017 community brand, it costs nothing to inspire, just time and love. We will help to enrich peoples lives and give them a future no matter what it takes. Our volunteer and training programme is growing, giving our volunteers and service users the skills, qualifications and experience to build a future

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Over the coming months we will be speaking with lots of other groups on how they can be involved and making plans for some unique events and celebrations.

If you’d like to be part of our 2017 journey please do get in touch on our contact page.