Improving charitable services for the homeless and those in need across Hull

What a fantastic year it has been so far, because of our continued growth and your support we are increasing and expanding our weekend services to better meet the needs of those in we support in Hull. As part of our continued development we want to be able to provide increasingly focused support where it is needed most and in the most appropriate manner.

Thus, we have taken the decision to amend our community kitchen in Queens Gardens. This was a huge decision to make but due to the increased number of street vendors and community kitchens in operation this year we have identified that we can offer a more direct and focused approach to our vulnerable men and women on the streets, and due to the direction, we are now able to take as a registered charity, we have decided that our efforts and your support can be elsewhere better applied in this respect. We are proud to have close and constructive working relationships with the services in Hull, working together to enrich the lives of the people we are committed to support.

See below for our exciting news.

Sunday Social

Our first exciting new service, something we have been working on for the last few months will be the opening of a new Sunday social club which we are pleased to announce will be based in Dock House. Dock house is a life line for rough sleepers, it has a great history in Hull as a sanctuary for those in need and is now ran by Humbercare. We are delighted to be able to play a small part in its continued and proud success. The club which will run between 1pm and 4pm every Sunday starting from the 20th of November 2016 will be accessible by the residents of Dock house and rough sleepers across Hull. This will bring a place of safety and warmth, out of the elements for the people who need it to access independent support, clothing, warm equipment, hot drinks/treats and social activities ranging from art and crafts, cooking on a budget classes to a free mobile library. Alongside this we will continue our presence on the streets of Hull with complimentary outreach which will signpost, provide hot drinks and essentials including information and advice to rough sleepers wishing not to present. This will also run between 1pm and 4pm and is a charitable offering to support the official full time outreach service ran by Emmaus who we liaise with closely to disseminate information and provision regards rough sleepers. This all possible thanks to the building of positive, appropriate working relationships across agencies and is testament to Hull’s commitment to those in need.

Family focused play

Continuing our development of focused support, we are extremely excited to announce our second venture which will be the opening of our weekend family focused play group, this will be a referral only service, again for those who need it most. Open to families with primary school age children, the group will provide engaging and educational play opportunities for the children whilst giving parents some respite over the weekend. Part of the session will also be family play and bond where the families can take part in activities together developing important bonding skills and interaction. On a regular basis, we will be inviting guests and activity providers to the group to run fun and exciting sessions the children may not otherwise have access too such as arts and crafts, party services, dance groups, learning and exploring, music, animals, sports and so on.

During the sessions, there will be opportunity for parents to engage with the team and receive any support or advice they need. The group will be based in a central hull location best placed for the families that will be benefiting and will be a completely free service.

The service will open early to mid-December with more information being released in due course.

We will look to open a second family group in Beverley in 2017

With winter well and truly upon us we must work harder than ever to ensure we get as many people off the streets, in to care and accessing support as possible. Winter provision is now in force which increases the care provision for rough sleepers with more beds, and a severe weather protocol to ensure no one needs to sleep rough in cold dangerous temperatures. Our offering will help to ensure we push forward with engagement and cooperation and improve opportunities for our most vulnerable across Hull in the most appropriate ways.

For more information on winter provision visit the Humberhelp  website.

For more information on Homeless provision visit the Hull city council website

For more information on Humbercare visit their website

For more information on Emmaus visit their website 

Editor’s note

We are confident these services best compliment the needs of our service users and those we are committed to support as a registered charity in Hull. Continued proactive partnership working is the best way to ensure all those in need receive the best possible provision in our region. Homelessness is a complex and broad ranging issue with no quick solution, but with continued hard work and dedication we can push forward as a city that truly leads the way in care provision across the county.

There is a huge diverse offering of support in Hull that truly meets the needs of all those accessing services, however, we must work harder on engagement, we must champion the appropriate support services and encourage those in need of support to engage fully. Setting out a clear path for personal development and growth in the most appropriate and constructive way.

Homelessness encompasses many social and personal issues including mental health, drugs, alcohol, abuse, destitution, family breakdown, death, institutionalisation, displacement, domestic abuse, social anxiety and offending. These factors require real, professional, appropriate support to enable people to move forward. Simply demanding the opening of empty houses for people who cannot live independently is not a solution but is in fact, reinforcing behaviour and removing, those in need of serious support, from the very support on offer.

Engagement is the biggest obstacle faced by services and charities, we need to instil confidence and trust in those needing to access those who are best placed to help, a centred approach Is a must for us to continue to make progress. We all have an obligation as a community to look after those of us in need, it is our social responsibility not to judge and apportion blame for peoples’ troubles or difficulties, but to wipe the board clean of stereotypes and misconceptions and remember we are all affected by homelessness in some way.

If you would like to support our Families group we still need sponsorship and local business involvement so please do get in touch below. Your support is what makes our work possible, this is all down to the people of Hull. Thank you to everyone that is involved.

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