We were approached by Hudgell Solicitors to partner up and address all forms of homelessness and who it can affect.

We are one of three charities selected by the Neil Hudgell Trust for the year, alongside Leeds-based Simon on the Streets and London Mission.

A family of three elephants has been created from recycled cardboard sheets by Laurence Vallières. The beautiful life-sized sculptures are to stay on Humber Street until they head off on their travels around the UK.

The concept of the artwork is that there is an elephant in the room. This elephant is homelessness. And we need to open up and discuss it.

It fits in perfectly with our #OpenUp campaign, as it forces people to open up a dialogue with friends and family about a prominent issue that can impact us all.

Unfortunately, homelessness is still very much a taboo subject in our society. There are some very strong misconceptions and stereotypes that mean our work to raise awareness and understanding can be very difficult. We’re hoping that this thought-provoking installation and its tour around the country will allow for a much-needed, honest conversation about homelessness.

You can view the elephants down Humber Street in Hull during November.