In October, three majestic creatures made Humber Street their home.

The Elephant in the Room was a thought-provoking installation involving three elephants, sculpted from recycled cardboard sheets by Laurence Vallières, to address the elephant in the room that is homelessness.

The piece was commissioned by the Neil Hudgell Trust, which kindly chose HHCP, Leeds-based Simon on the Streets and the London Mission as their three charities of the year.

The family of elephants have now left the newly regenrated Fruit Market to embark on their travels around the UK and can currently be seen at Wilberforce College.

“The baby is called George. The story will unfold as the curious elephant explores the world and becomes estranged from his family,” explains Andrew Smith, CEO and Founder of HHCP. “We’re going to use his journey as a conversation starter around homelessness and its many different forms.”

Homelessness is still an elephant in the room; a taboo subject that rarely gets openly discussed in society. This nationwide project will hopefully open up the conversation surrounding a prevalent issue, which in turn will help charities such as ourselves, London Mission and Simon on the Streets to tackle the continuously growing problem.

The elephants will be on display at Wilberforce College during the festive season. Be sure to tag us in your photos and add #OpenUp to your posts so that friends and family can get involved with the campaign.