On Tuesday 19 December, we collaborated with His Church, Tigers Trust and Tesco St. Stephen’s to offer families in crisis a chance to enjoy the festivities of Christmas.

This year, our mission for Christmas is to focus our support on vulnerable families that are currently in temporary accommodation and family shelters.

“These families are affected by what we call hidden homelessness, which is something HHCP is looking to raise more awareness of in 2018,” explains our CEO, Andrew Smith. “They could be escaping homelessness, domestic violence situations, social isolation or financial difficulties.”

Often, the charities that support these individuals are not promoted due to the nature of their service. This means they can frequently miss out on charitable support from the general public and funding from organisations.

“We wanted to ensure that these families experienced a bit of normality around Christmas,” continues Andrew.

It was an absolute delight to work with His Church and Tigers Trust. They are both charities that uphold many similar values to HHCP. His Church redistributes residual stock to the underprivileged and vulnerable in an ethical and environmentally friendly way. Meanwhile, Tigers Trust works with primary schools in the area to promote sports among young children.

We turned up at the shelter on His Church’s open-top bus. Here the children got to meet Santa Claus and Hull City’s Rory the Tiger as they were handed presents, gifts and selection boxes. We also put together bundles of toiletries and essentials for parents, as well as food parcels to see them through the festive season.

“We believe that everybody should have a festive Christmas. The day was about sharing that bit of festive spirit and goodwill,” Andrew adds.

Want to get involved with HHCP? Get in touch with us at info@hullhomeless.co.uk.