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SGS Packaging Europe Apprentices Support HHCP

We love it when young people get involved with our charity, so it was fantastic to meet up with a group of enthusiastic apprentices from SGS Packaging Europe to chat about how they can support our ongoing efforts.

These fledgling professionals aged between 16 and 21 are based at the SGS offices in The Maltings and Bridgehead Business Park. Having discussed options and thrown around a few ideas, we all agreed that the most effective way for them to help is twofold: donations and collections in the workplace, and participating in our Move On project, which transforms dilapidated buildings into safe, warm and welcoming homes for people who are moving on after a period of homelessness.

The apprentices have already started their fundraising activity by putting together bags of goodies for Valentine’s Day. At £1.50 for a selection of sweet treats, they sold out in just a few days, with the proceeds being divided between their four chosen charities for 2019: Hull Homeless Community Project, Yorkshire Cancer Research, Hull and East Yorkshire Mind, and Arron’s Battle.

They’ve also been collecting items that will help to make a house a home, such as toiletries, baby food, cleaning products, cutlery, paint and brushes. To encourage their colleagues to really get involved, they’ve emailed everyone at SGS and asked them to simply add an extra item to their basket during their weekly shop, as it’s an easy and affordable way to support our charity. SGS staff bring these items to their workplace and pop them in collection bins that have been placed in the canteen, which will then be passed on to us once the donation drive has finished.

“We also want to invite them down to a decorating job,” says Andrew Smith, CEO at HHCP. “That way they can see where their efforts are going and feel even more involved.”

The apprentices are at an age where they’re in a great position to better understand their place in the community, become more aware of others around them, and feed their hunger for learning about social issues and how they can make a difference on a daily basis. Each apprentice and their hundreds of colleagues in Hull are contributing towards improving local lives, which is incredibly heart-warming and massively appreciated by everyone at HHCP.

With much more activity planned by the SGS apprentices, we’ll keep you up to date on here and through our social media channels (make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

Three cheers for the SGS apprentices, you’re absolutely awesome and we’re already loving working with you!

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