RB Smashes Annual Targets in Just Four Months

It’s the run-up to Christmas, the season of goodwill, and RB definitely won’t be getting coal in their stockings this year.

As a little refresh for everyone, you’ll hopefully remember in a past blog that RB teamed up with us earlier this year and we were ecstatic to become their official charity partner. Since then, we’ve been working closely with them to deliver two key targets:

  • To support the transition of one person or a family into independence each month, fundraising £3,600 to achieve this.
  • To raise 10,000 to buy a van for move-in projects.

We are totally over the moon to say that both targets were smashed within just four months of being set, which really is incredible. On top of this massive achievement, RB has also contributed staff time to volunteering with HHCP to complete all kinds of time-consuming activities, such as decorating our clients’ new homes, the expansion of our outreach programme, and running a number of exciting events.

Andrew, our founder and CEO, has this to say: “To be the official charity partner with such a well-known Hull business that has supported the community for years is a real joy for us here at HHCP. We’re already seeing the benefits to our clients through the support from RB and I look forward to a long and positive partnership.”

At the moment we’re setting new targets together with RB for 2019, allowing their staff to continue with fundraising and volunteering activity. It’s hard to put into words just how much this amazing work does for our charity, so check out our social media channels for photos and videos of RB’s hard work paying off. Again, thank you so much to everyone at RB – get yourselves a mince pie!

If you’d like to form a relationship with us and become a partner, have a look at our community page and don’t shy away from getting in touch.

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