Over the last year we’ve seen a substantial increase in referrals for vulnerable women escaping domestic abuse, sex work and destitution. Many of these have been from organisations like probation services and social services, but we have had a number of nurses contact us from the NHS about pregnant women and vulnerable children too. On top of this, we’ve had referrals from our partners in areas such as exploitation and vulnerability after prison.

It’s amazing that women are coming forward to seek out help, as this is a very difficult thing to do and we never cease to be amazed by the bravery that shines through. However, some questions have arisen, such as whether this increase in referrals is due to our growth as a charity or as a result of a rise in cases of domestic abuse, sex work, exploitation and women in destitution. It is clearly an issue that needs to be discussed and understood in greater detail.

The abuse that these women suffer is something that we target, but we also strive to ensure that they have the best chance of survival going forward. To achieve this, we organise accommodation, make sure that they have enough food, and put in place suitable forms of community outreach. All of these would not be achievable without the incredible help we receive from our individual and corporate supporters through fundraising, donations and getting stuck in with volunteering hours.

As more and more women are coming forward for help, the more support we need to guarantee they have the best chance of survival. If you would like to get involved and make a difference to the lives of these brave women, get in touch on 01482 231278.