We’ve had the pleasure of recently forming a business charity partnership with RB, the multinational consumer goods company based in Hull.  We want to say a massive thank you to them because they have been helping out in lots of ways and continue to offer crucial support.

The team at RB has done a marvellous job by fundraising £4,000, which will go toward supporting families moving into independent living. They’ve also donated products, helped with the decorating for our moving in projects, and given up precious working hours to take part in volunteering days.

With Halloween nearly over and twinkly decorations arriving in the shops, the festive season will soon be upon us. ‘Tis the season of charitable giving, right? Well check this out, RB’s next goal is to raise a whopping £10,000 in 2019, which will help us to purchase a moving van. This will be an invaluable addition to HHCP’s resources, allowing us to move furniture around and transport decorating equipment. What an amazing New Year’s resolution!

HHCP is a community and we believe that working together gives us the best chance in providing the greatest care and support to those that are the most venerable. We are passionate about connecting with local businesses to promote and encourage best practice partnerships within all areas of the local community. We’re so grateful to RB and all of the local companies and organisations that have already partenered with us, as their generosity and kindness shines. Through this dedication we can achieve our goals in helping everyone who is affected by or vulnerable to homelessness. You’re all diamonds!

If your company would like to become a partner, take a look at our Friends of HHCP page and get in touch on 01482 231278.