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Our response to Covid-19

With the news that increasingly strict measures are being taken to prevent the spread of the virus in the UK, we wanted to let you know we are carrying on as normal best we can to support our at risk and isolated customers who have no one else. Social distancing and isolation are already a reality for many people we work for, so at present:

♡ We are still providing our tailored vulnerable women and general drop-in services but, on an appointment, only basis for the time being
♡ We are still conducting our home visits and advocacy service were appropriate
♡ We have started to increase the amount of emergency food parcels we are delivering to our vulnerable adults and families; however, we are running out of store cupboard food and essentials like loo roll and hand soap, we maybe have a few weeks’ worth left at most.

Many fundraising events are being cancelled by supporters for many small charities (including us) which is understandable, putting a strain on our invaluable voluntary sector which plugs the gaps in government support for at risk, marginalised adults and children across the country.

Please remember when you are shopping for supplies that we, like many other charities rely on the availability of food and essentials to be able to support those who are not in the position to do so themselves.

As the situation progresses, we will update you with our provision and plans to respond. We would like to wish health and happiness to all our friends and supporters at this time. We hope you and your families stay safe and well.

If you or anyone you know is in crisis, at risk of homelessness, isolated or in need of any support, we can help.
Call us on 01482 231278
Email: info@hullhomeless.co.uk

Other help available:
The Warren for young people 01482 218115
Hull city council housing options walk in or call 01482 300300
Hull foodbank (Jubilee) 01482 224783
CAMHS crisis team 9am – 5pm 01482 303688 0r after 5pm 01482 335600
Adult mental health crisis 01482 301701
Mental health response service 24hrs 01482 301701
Citizens Advice Bureau 0344 411 1444

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