Information sharing, signposting and improving access

Following on from our ‘information card” that we have been handing out to rough sleepers for the past few years we wanted to improve on this and produce a comprehensive, informative guide of services and contacts available to those who are homeless, affected by or worried about becoming homelessness plus related services. A guide that is small enough to be mobile and easily displayed but that includes the very best of what’s on offer in our city. This will be the first of it’s kind to be fully and widely distributed and be as accessible as possible, a real step forward in information sharing for those that need it.

Its taken us a long few months to make sure they’re perfect and we’re pretty proud of them, the main reason for the new leaflets is that they simply do not exist already which we though was a real shame. We are asked on a daily basis by our service users as well as the wider community about what services are available and how to contact and access them.

the new leaflets have already been sent to every single medical practice in the city, as well as all community groups and church groups that are keen to promote a healthier Hull. we are proud to say demand is high and there is a real potential to have a positive impact on peoples lives by improving their access to vital information.


The new leaflets are portable and bold as to stand out on information racks and receptions, they work in partnership with our new charity information leaflet and our digital marketing plan to incorporate as many avenues for accessing information.


This unique publication is the only one of its kind in the city of Hull, and is made possible by the support of our wonderful partners and donations. We believe that fair access to information for all people is extremely important to ease the burden on services that have to constantly redirect users to the right place. we are grateful to everyone that helped produce, collate information, print and distribute the leaflets so far.

For more information or to be considered for addition please contact us. We are currently developing a JPEG format for display on electronic information screens and display boards. if you would like a sample please contact us through out contact form.