HHCP reveal new home to family after makeover

We finished, finally at 4pm just in time for the return of Lee and the children. To say it’s been hard work would be an understatement, every single person who was involved over the last few days are simply amazing! The effort people put in to make this such a success has been outstanding, we set ourselves a really tough challenge but we pulled it off only with your help.

It was a very emotional homecoming for the family, the screams of joy and excitement said it all and the whole of North Hull who heard would agree. Lee and the children are overwhelmed but incredibly grateful to each and every one of you that donated and bought things, and to the people that have worked like mad the last 3 days to truly transform their new home. 

We hit a couple of snags and changed a few things but all in all it’s turned out better than we could of ever hoped. The house aside, projects like this show that community does mater, and people of all persuasions and backgrounds can come together and produce something beautiful. You don’t need to be a big charity or company, you don’t need to have lots of money, all you need really is a little bit of love, compassion, kindness in your heart and commitment. This project is testament to the amazing people of Hull and we couldn’t of done it without you.

we’d like to thank all the people that made this possible..

All the people that got in touch and gave donations
All the people that gave up their own time and came and worked on site over the three days
Hull for hero’s for assisting by buying the paint and painting equipment
Clare Graham and the staff at Tesco St Stephen’s for their amazing donations and the work Clare put in over the last 3 days.
South cave van hire for the van at short notice
Sarah Crombie and the staff at the The The Goodfellowship for their amazing donations for the house, the washing machine and fridge freezer, all the staff for their £2 donation each out of their wages.
Helen and the staff and all the customers of south cave post office for really rallying together and providing cakes and donations
South Cave Plant Centre for their donations
Tanya Taylor for the amazing cooking on Thursday and all the cakes and buns.
All the teachers and staff from the school who have done so so much already and really chipped in to finish it off in style today.
Jason for being Jason
The girls from hull homeless outreach ‪#‎hho‬ for their support, donations, hard work the last 2 days and solidarity.
Sean from community links for the pasta and cakes and supportive site visit
Our Duke of Edinburgh girls for getting stuck in
All saints church South Cave for their support, advice and hard work on site

Every referral we get touches us and affects us personally, and this one was no exception, we couldn’t wait to get stuck in and wanted to throw our whole heart and soul in to it and bring you guys along for the journey, thank you to all the people that came along with us. With every project our family grows with new friends and volunteers, thank you again to each and every one of you.