We’re pleased to announce that we have secured funding for our brand new Mobile Community Hub. All we need to do now is get the final details sorted and we’ll be out on the road to communities in and around the city.

Our Mobile Community Hub is essentially a coffee van, but with a lovely HHCP twist. We’re going to be pitching up in residential spots in Hull and the surrounding area to provide hot drinks, important information and support, and a good old-fashioned natter.

The idea behind the Hub is to combat social isolation in the region. Many people who are affected by homelessness also struggle with the additional issues of poor mental health, loneliness and a feeling of exclusion from their communities. Taking this van to them will provide a chance to engage with people and break that cycle.

We’ve always been a mobile charity, preferring to take our services directly to those who need it, rather than waiting for them to come to us. The Hub will allow us to do this on a much deeper level.

Our vision is for the Hub to look like an ordinary coffee van, serving delicious hot drinks and equipped with an adjacent gazebo, tables and chairs. It will be staffed by our handy team of trained volunteers, giving out information about our services and directing people in the right direction for further help. For many, the Hub will simply act as a social space, but for others its purpose is extended to an information centre.

The concept of the Mobile Community Hub is two-pronged. We also hope to take the van to local festivals, fetes and fairs and serve coffee in a commercial way. This will raise the necessary money and awareness that HHCP needs to continue assisting those affected by homelessness.

The commercial side of things will allow us to spread the word about our work, as well as get the general public to think about our cause. Perhaps it will inspire a new generation of volunteers?

We’re very excited to be launching our Mobile Community Hub. If you would like to be involved in this project, please let us know by emailing info@hullhomeless.co.uk.