Our volunteers are the heart and soul of what we do, so we caught up with one them to give you insight into what it’s like to work with us.

Olivia Rylands is HHCP’s youngest volunteer, regularly giving up her spare time to help those affected by homelessness around Hull.

“I have volunteered with HHCP for just over a year. I’m their Charity Patron now,” Olivia enthuses. “I also volunteer for several other organisations and charities, including Little Stars Youth Musical Theatre Group and Youth in Nature.”

On top of all this, Olivia regularly donates to her local women’s centre, charity shops and homeless hostels. This little girl with a huge heart is truly an inspiration to us all.

“I think volunteering is important, because if we don’t do it, who will? I like helping people,” she puts simply.

Olivia has had this passion for assisting others since a very young age. Before joining us, she frequently got involved with Christmas collections for shelters in the area and always wished she could do more to help. Unfortunately, her age was the thing stopping her, with a lot of organisations requiring an individual to be a lot older to become an official volunteer.

Last April, Olivia and her mother, Tammy Rylands, approached us to ask if she could get involved. Naturally, we jumped at the chance after seeing the wonderful work she had done so far.

“It’s the right thing to do,” Olivia maintains. “I enjoy different things about each group I volunteer for, plus I love learning new skills.”

You can keep up to date with what Olivia gets up to on her very own Facebook page, Olivia’s World. This is where she shares her wonderful work with local charities and benefits, including HHCP.

“Volunteering is really tiring, but also really fun,” she adds. “The best part is meeting new people and helping others.”

We are committed to improving the lives of those affected by homelessness, and this includes educating and inspiring the next generation about the issues surrounding it. We’re so lucky to have such a great team of volunteers to help us on our journey to implement social change across the city.

“To have a diverse range of volunteers is essential in providing a good service that meets the diverse needs of our community,” our CEO, Andrew Smith, explains. “We need people of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, genders and skills to represent a true cross-section of modern Britain.”

To get involved in any way you can, email us at info@hullhomeless.co.uk and we’ll have a chat about the difference you can make to local lives.