Happy Halloween from Hull HHCP and Breathe

Our first joint Halloween fundraiser with Breathe for Cameron turned out to be a massive success!

As part of this winters project to get emergency asthma kits and training into hostels and shelters across Hull we decided we would hold a Halloween fundraiser to help pay for the kits. The team at Breathe have a base of operations and working relationship with Witham pharmacy which is part of the well known Annison building and courtyard, they were more than happy to host the party for us and so the idea was born.

Now if you’re from Hull you will probably have heard of this most spectacular building already, it has been host to several paranormal television shows including ‘Most Haunted’ and is regarded one of our most haunted buildings. The history of the building is lengthy and diverse, it was a funeral parlour, stables for the police, it was part of the original Hull fortifications amongst many other things. for more in depth and history you are probably better visiting the website here.


Now as you will no doubt know already, preparations for any party can be a challenge let alone to plan one for a hundred children, their parents, make it fun, entertaining, spooky and do it all for free, in 4 weeks! The teams started straight away by wasting no time in gathering raffle prizes and decorations, in no time at all we had Olly Murrs tickets thanks to Acklams coaches, signed boots from Curtis Davis, a raft of vouchers including a round of golf for 4 people, afternoon tea, Sunday lunch and a spa day, vouchers for Big Fun, Kinderland, Gravity and Nando’s.

Scrapstore gave us a huge amount of materials to make decorations with, Co-op food Greenwich Ave donated enough hot dogs and bread for over 100 people, we got apples from Tesco St Stephens, drinks from Lidl and a voucher from Head of Steam for 4 people for food and drink. We had pumpkins galore, buns, cakes, spooky sweet bags, glow sticks, costumes and willing volunteers ready to put it all together.

The day came and we had great fun setting up the courtyard with all the decorations and pumpkins everyone had made. We do have to say a huge thank you to Jack Rabbit Slims for leaving some of their decorations, lights and smoke machine for us as sponsorship, they really did help make the place look amazing! Hot dogs were on the stove, the kids had the sweet stall set up, the coffin (yes coffin) was full of slime and pumpkin guts ready for the apple bobbing, yukky dip was prepped (this was particularly disgusting) we were ready to party!


Guests started to arrive at this creepy old courtyard, taking the step through the old door in the gate in to the unknown to be greeted by hanging creepy portraits and a procession of pumpkins lining the archway in to the courtyard. Once inside they were greeted by the one and only Hull party services and fun coat team with their disco in full swing, the kids wasted no time in ditching their parents and joining in the fun.

All the costumes were absolutely outstanding! The children had put so much effort in to theirs and the parents had followed suit, the competition for best dressed boy and girl was going to be a tough call! Pumpkins also started to arrive and adorn the bench for the best carved pumpkin competition, the mist settled on the cobbles and the party started to bustle, and them more people came, then some more, then the tickets all sold and still more people came through the gates! Safe to say we had not expected such a response and we soon ran out of drinks for thirsty parents.

Luckily thanks to Brenda and the team at Co-op we had more than enough food, also some of the staff came to see how we were doing, and I have to admit I didn’t catch your names in all the chaos but thank you for coming it means a lot. 14883490_1135554673146442_7739806698256315044_o

As the music flowed and the kids danced and played party games with the fun coat gang, parents and older kids took seats around the courtyard and enjoyed the atmosphere and the games. Glow bands and spooky sweet bags were bought and people got their hot dogs and drinks.


Now one thing a good fundraiser can’t be without as you’ll agree is a good raffle, this party would be no exception and with all the amazing prizes donated it was sure to be popular raffle. The team went round and tickets sold like I have not seen before!! soon the bucket was full, apparently it was down to the Olly Murrs tickets but I’m not so sure. One thing charities count on is peoples generosity and we simply cannot thank all our sponsors enough for what they have done for us again.. Acklams coaches, Hull City, Gravity, Big fun, Kinderland, Cave castle, Nando’s, Head of steam Hull, Hull FC and Curtis Davis.

7pm came and it was time for prizes, first up we had 3 winners for pumpkins 1st 2nd and 3rd all received a goody bag. Then best dressed boy and girl both receiving a goody bag and then the raffle, leaving the Olly Murrs tickets to last to build the suspense we made our way through the prizes with some very happy winners and one lady in particular seems to have cracked the secret to raffles by winning 3 prizes!! Well done to everyone that took part and got into the spirit of the night. 14883503_1135545569814019_4023452441691723902_o

All in all it was a great party enjoyed by all, and will now be an annual joint fundraiser for both charities with plans for it to be bigger and better next year. Through all your contributions, kindness and brilliant participation you managed to raise just short of £600 which is just unbelievable and will go most of the way towards paying for the vital equipment needed for our joint winter project to equip hostels, shelters and family centres across Hull with life saving emergency asthma aids.

We believe that all of us should have equal access and provision of care, no matter our social circumstances and Hull can lead the way for the rest of the country to follow our example of how we come together to strengthen our communities and break down barrier. Well done to all of you, well done Hull!

You can still donate to the project as we are still short of our target by visiting our Just Giving Project page here

Any donations are most welcome, for more information about Breathe for Cameron visit their website

Thanks to our sponsors that made it possible

The Annison Building

Witham late night pharmacy

Hull party services

Scrapstore Hull

Jack Rabbit Slims

Acklams Coaches

Head of steam Hull

Gravity trampoline park Hull

Cave Castle hotel and country club


Big Fun Hull

Nando’s Hull

Hull FC

Co-op Greenwich Ave Hull

Tesco St Stephens

The Deep