The Open Up Campaign has launched to encourage people to start conversations about homelessness and the surrounding issues, such as abuse, depression, mental health, and slavery.

Over the next few months, we’ll be collaborating with some of our charity partners to discuss tricky issues that are often considered too taboo to talk about. Some of these charities include the incredible Hull and East Yorkshire Mind, Humber Modern Slavery Partnership, Breathe for Cameron, Disability Sports Humber, Hull4Heroes, ReNew and Moodbeam.

“The campaign will inspire people to speak out about hidden issues that often get overlooked when discussing homelessness,” explains CEO Andrew Smith. “It’ll be a tool to kickstart much-needed conversations. We’ll be talking to experts from each of our charity partners and seeing how we can prevent homelessness in Hull, as well as aid those who are affected.”

By using the hashtag #openup, people can talk about their experiences with all sorts of sensitive topics, such as mental health struggles, substance abuse, domestic violence and modern slavery.

We launch this campaign in light of the recently released report that predicted a rise in rough sleeping by three-quarters during the next ten years if government provision remains the same.

We need to continue to increase preventative measures, shake up current tendered services, and offer a greater education and awareness of all types of homelessness. The voluntary and charity sector must lead the way to research homeless prevention strategies to improve the situation, and the government needs to catch up.

The Open Up campaign provides a platform for the necessary discourse, which will jumpstart actions needed to deal with the increasing homeless problem in the UK.

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