One night, one room full of Hulls most inspirational people

Last night some of the team attended the Heart Of East Yorkshire Awards to support our youngest team member Olivia Ryland14463301_10154523529197866_8073815193313848718_ns who was shortlisted in the category of inspiring youngster. Olivia has been volunteering with us for the best part of this year after her mum, Tammy, got in touch and asked if she could be involved. Olivia also volunteers for Little stars and is a part of Youth in nature among many other things, she gives her time and her heart to everybody else first before herself.

The event was held at the KCOM stadium, with a table of ten of us, our best dresses and suits on and butterflies in our tummies we joined the rest of the finalists and their supporters in taking our seats and waiting for the evening to begin. All the finalists were winners in their own right, from personal struggles, amazing acts of bravery to outstanding contributions to our city and communities, the room really was full of Hull’s biggest hearts and inspiring people.

As we sat and ate, listening to the inspiring stories of the finalists, making new friends and causing trouble on the ‘twitter board’ we reflected on the year past as I’m sure did the other tables in the room, we all agreed it was an honour and privilege to be there.

Unfortunately Olivia didn’t win her category, but her achievement in being shortlisted was more than enough to make her night, the fact she was so happy her friend won14359084_10154523530247866_7356135797323326869_n just showed how grounded and humble she is. A huge congratulations to Craig and Stacy from breathe for Cameron who not only won the Charity Champion award but also took home the Overall Winners award for their work towards Asthma prevention and education since Stacy’s son Cameron passed away two years ago from an Asthma attack. Other winners included Connor Lynes for inspirational youngster, EYG for business in the community and Ross Mainprize for winning the emergency services award.

It really is a testament to Hull and all that live here that we can fill such a big room full of amazing, kind, caring, brave, heroic people.

Well done to all the finalists and everybody who took part, we will see you all next year for another amazing night.

For all the pictures of last nights glittering event please click here

Breathe for Cameron

Hull for heroes

The Deep

Olivias world