Josh From Greasy fingers rock and roll barber shop snips the day away at Dock House

Something so simple as a haircut we can easily take for granted right?

sure it’s exciting to go get your hair done, maybe for a big party, a birthday or just for something a bit different, it is something most of us just do without too much though for the value it adds to our life. The positive affects on our self confidence and emotional state are often missed on most of us, it’s so easy to get a hair cut and relatively under appreciated for the most part.

But for some, a haircut is a luxury one can ill-afford, with disposable cash short and a list of much more important matters to attend to first, a haircut is right at the bottom of the list for some. Shaving, trimming, grooming and preening can be expensive we all know that, razors are ridiculously expensive! But no matter who you are rich or poor, a good spruce up can do wonders for your mental state and outlook.

So today we spent the morning at Dock House Humbercare Ltd with Josh from Greasy Fingers Rock ‘n’ Roll Barbershop for a mammoth hair cutting session!

Some of the transformations were incredible we think you will agree!  

Massive thank you for giving up your morning and leaving your shop short staffed to do such a kind thing, it was really appreciated by the guys and girls. Josh and Phil have also being running a toy drive in the shop for the past few weeks and this afternoon we called in to collect the huge box their customers had donated for children and families, to collect so much in such a short space of time is fantastic, thank you so much!