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The Future Looks Bright for People Who Need Help the Most

In 2017, Co-op supermarket partnered with City Hearts charity to launch Bright Future. This fantastic employment programme has created opportunities for paid work placements in Co-op’s food business, specifically aimed at people who have been rescued from modern slavery.

It offers a four-week placement with a guaranteed non-competitive interview at the end. The main goal is to connect survivors of modern slavery to a permanent career, which aids the transition into independent living and a sustainable future.

In the UK, modern slavery is a massive social and economic issue, with a staggering amount of people victimised by sexual exploitation, forced labour and domestic servitude. Bright Future gives meaningful employment and experience to vulnerable victims who potentially don’t have paperwork or references from another job. Co-op’s honourable flexibility, alongside strong support from City Hearts, has provided a vital pathway for lives to be dramatically rebuilt, crime to potentially be reverted, and pride to be restored.

Pippa Wick, COO of the Co-Op said: “It is clear that victims need to be supported while they rebuild their lives and central to that is the dignity that paid, freely chosen employment provides. Without this, there is a real chance that they could fall back into the hands of those who have exploited them and for the terrible, unspeakable cycle of enslavement to begin again.”

We think that this programme is amazing and incredibly important. That’s why we’re delighted to announce that HHCP has officially become the only trusted referral partner for the Co-op’s Bright Future programme for the whole of the Humber region. This will result in so many new opportunities for the victims that we support in our area. It really is amazing news and the possibilities are powerful and wide-ranging.

If you’d like to help HHCP in any way you can, get in touch on 01482 231278.

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