Fitmums coast to coast in aid of the Homeless

One thing that always surprises us is how many new friends we make week in week out with the project, and at a recent NHS 2020 Champions meeting we made friends with the FITMUMS. Straight away we hit it off, we spoke about our projects and what we do, the support we get and how we keep going. Sam who founded fitmums said she would like to put us forward as the beneficiary from their latest upcoming challenge which was to ride the way of the roses from Morcombe to Bridlington, this is the second year they have completed a challenge in aid of charity. A few days later we got a lovely surprise in the form of a phone call to say they had unanimously voted in favour of us, we couldn’t be happier.

This was to be no ride in the park so to speak, the route which takes in many beautiful towns and villages also winds its way over the Pennines offering spectacular views but some monster climbs and precarious sections of road. Not ones to shy away from a challenge they departed from Cottingham on the afternoon of the 21st in high spirits, two mini busses packed with 27 riders, their bikes on trailers and a support van full of gear and of course us there to wave them off on their adventure.

A first for us to have such a wonderful organisation raising money for us, but more importantly to be thought highly enough of in the first place to be considered for such an massive effort did give the team a sense of pride as we waited for the ride to start the next morning.


The ride was a success, all 27 riders of varying abilities finishing three days later in Bridlington without incident or even a single puncture! we were there to welcome them back of course, 27 weary but ecstatic smiley faces cruised along the promenade to the finish point of what was an amazing achievement.

We just want to say a huge thank you to all the team for what you did for us and congratulations on such an amazing success, they managed to raise over £1500 for us in total which is a huge help to us, we can improve so many of our services and maintain our commitment to our service users.

If you want to join Fitmums or want to know more do get in touch via their website