Ellie Penrose fund charity rounders tournament in memory of beautiful young lady

A sunny day for a wonderful cause at Cottingham playing fields in aid of the Ellie Penrose Fund. We arrived just in time in true fashion to find the field buzzing with activity, pitches marked out, competition board filled out and ready to go. Fitmums stood ready to greet and direct the teams, there were cakes and buns to buy, hot and cold drinks were on offer and so was some great conversation.

we set up our camp on a spare patch of grass, smoothed out the picnic blankets and dished out the water and then realised we had all forgotten how to play rounders! luckily we had superstar Martha and the Duke of Edinburgh girls with us who gave us has-beans a crash course on the rules. Our first game was called to start straight away so we confidently strolled across to our pitch to face off against our opponents (last years winners) we spread out to field first, it went well we thought. Our turn to bat came up, we lined up whispering tactics and building ourselves up to literally hit it out of the park.. we didn’t.. we were rubbish.. we lasted a matter of minutes with the exception of the sterling effort by Rob who clung on to the bitter end! needless to say we lost, and were out of the competition no sooner had we started. we consoled ourselves in the fact we had at least turned up and we looked smart in our matching t-shirts, a great example of our pride in presentation.

For the next few hours we busied ourselves watching the other matches and enjoying the sunshine, we made new friends and ate lots of cake. Come the end of the knockouts we learnt fitmums had also been knocked out so we had a friendly with them, which we won, in rather good fashion! we must just play better on cake. All in all it was a lovely afternoon for a very important and worthy cause. we are very grateful to have been invited so thank you.

A true tragedy

Ellie Penrose, 18, was ‘inappropriately discharged’ from Hull Royal Infirmary after a ‘failure in care’, a hospital chief has since admitted.

Ellie who represented Great Britain in triathlon and learned on the day she died that she had excelled in her A-levels  – was suffering from sickness, a headache and an aversion to light when she was initially taken to hospital in August last year. She also had blotches on her skin.

She was seen by a junior doctor in his first week of causality shifts, Dr Don Hettiarachchi, who diagnosed her with gastroenteritis and dehydration.She was given ibuprofen and paracetamol and sent home.

Hours later, paramedics found her lying across her bed at their home in Cottingham. She died later that day from ‘overwhelming sepsis’, caused by meningococcal septicaemia.

The family of Ellie has set up the charity in her honour, lots of fundraising activities have already taken place including members of Fitmums and Friends in Cottingham of which Ellie was a member.