"education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela.

Social Responsibility

This is key for young adults and children to understand how they fit into the community around them. Our young adults are the next adults, moving from education possibly in to more training or employment they are at an important time in their lives. They can affect change, shape opinions and set examples for others, we link this with homelessness, mental health, family crisis and substance abuse for an engaging and productive session.

Primary education sessions are limited in this area, so we focus more on the core homeless issues such as being alone, how we feel about it and what we think it feels like to be homeless. We talk about the physical issues they face, what we would need if we were homeless and how could we help. No matter your age group, we can tailor the session to meet the needs of your children

We can link all work with your college or schools social enterprise project if you wish.

Duke Of Edinburgh Award (DofE)

We currently have six DofE students with us ranging in age between 14 and 18 years old. Not only are they achieving amazing things with us and excelling with their workbooks and experience but they are paving the way for the next group of students to make their experience even more rewarding! We will work with one group at a time to ensure the maximum attention and effort is put into their development. If you would like to put forward your group get in touch with us and to find out more about Duke Of Edinburgh please visit their website


National Citizens Service (NCS)

We have been lucky enough in the past 12 months to work with NCS on collaborating with one of the waves of teams completing their social impact work. In 2017 we will be supporting many more groups as they go through the process by giving them engagement opportunities, inspiring activities and enabling them to make the biggest social impact possible with their efforts.

For more information on NCS please visit the website

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Primary education

Works to build a solid foundation on which children can explore the world around them, a place of safety and security in which to take those tentative steps towards becoming a young adult. Social responsibility and personal development are key to be able to make independent decisions and objective views on their immediate environment and the wider world they live in. We work with primary education providers and schools to deliver age appropriate and engaging workshops regards homelessness and the social responsibility we all have in our communities and to those we share them with. Our lessons can fit in to a wide range of child’s curriculum and tailored to different times of the social calendar, this could be;

Christmas – a time of giving and love to families and those in need

Easter – celebrating Christ, how do we celebrate around the world

Birthdays – how we celebrate, those children that can’t and families in need

Holidays, families, work and neighbours – how does our life differ to those around us

Health and well being – how we keep healthy, why it is important and how others may struggle

Harvest festival – give thanks to the land and the world around us, how we can help those in need

The Seasons – what do the seasons mean for our communities around the world and in our immediate area

Poverty – how poverty affects us at home and abroad

Religion and race – where do we fit in, how do we learn and celebrate our differences

Equality and diversity – how our differences and individuality can form strong bonds and build communities

Loneliness – how does it feel to be lonely and how can we understand why other may be lonely

Our city – how do we see our city, those who live in it and how we see our less fortunate

We are happy to cover any subject that may be relevant to your children and their work on community and society, through interactive learning and outcome focused work. No class is too small or large, we can do short sessions or full periods, school assemblies and teacher training.


Secondary Education

As children develop and grow they become much more aware of the world around them, they play a bigger part in our society, making personal and social contributions to the community they live in. This is were where young adults really have an opportunity to enrich the world around them, not just for themselves but for their immediate social circle and wider reaching in to the community. The work we can do with this age group can be more detailed and lasting, we can discus a much wider range of social and personal issues and really leave a lasting impact on our young adults. This is a perfect chance to explore their own personal challenges and choices they face and how others face the same and the affects these changes and choices can have.

Subjects we cover are the same as above but include;

Drugs and alcohol – choices we make, how they affect us and how we can help others

Addiction – affects, causes and support available

Mental health and homelessness – the links and care provision, spotting the signs and symptoms

Who can be affected by homelessness – dispelling the myths and stereotypes of homelessness

Child and young adult anger management – causes and support available

In depth equality and diversity – social impact of good and poor practice

Racism, gender equality, sexism, sexual orientation – how do we view these subjects and the affect they have

As above we can cater for small classes up to whole school assemblies and activities. Our aim is to make social subjects engaging and positive using real life examples and involved open and frank discussion, we invite openness and honesty from the students without fear of their views being mocked or ridiculed.

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