The Engage for Change music festival recently took place in our city’s beautiful Queen’s Gardens. The free event focuses on celebrating community, hope and activism, and was hosted by the Hull and District Trades Council.

Engage for Change is all about encouraging participation and demonstrating bottom-up collective action. We know many people long for a change in the political landscape locally, nationally and internationally, and we aim to show that this can come through unity – that there is an alternative to the politics of hate and condemnation.

As part of the festival, a multi-purpose area was used for debate on a range of issues, as well as showcasing the history and heritage of the trade union movement. There were also a number of events in the family area, plus political, trade union and community activist speakers, trade union stalls and information guides.

We were lucky enough to be involved with this year’s festival, joining a ton of different charities and hosting our own stall. From there we got to meet lots of new people and speak to them about HHCP, from raising awareness of homelessness and how you can make a difference, to helping people in need to access a specific service relevant to their unique requirements.

We have strength as a united community and real change can be achieved as a result of organised activism. Things CAN change for the better. If you’d like to find out more about volunteering for projects like this or how to make a donation, please email or call us on 01482 231278.