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Morrisons give back

As our world continues to change in response to Covid-19 so must the ways in which we support the most vulnerable among us.

Some restrictions may have been lifted across England over the last few weeks, but for many freedom is a long way off. Those who are at risk, isolated or in crisis still very much need support avoiding homelessness and crisis. The post Covid-19 response will be as important as it was when we entered the pandemic.

This week we give thanks to Morrisons Community Brough for their continued and generous support with food donations and orders. Over the last few months Morrisons have been supplying us with HUGE donations of essential food items to help us support our highest need adults and children.

We are working closely with our third sector and statutory partners, with the support of local businesses to ensure that between us, those we serve can stay safe.

Since the 24th of March we have distributed over £10,000 worth of food and supplies to adults and children across Hull and the East Riding.

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Covid-19 service update

The Government have written to all local authorities in England asking them to house everyone who is sleeping rough, and those in hostels and night shelters by the weekend of the 28th/29th March 2020 in response to Covid-19.

There has been no indication on extra support being made available to councils to achieve this as yet, but this is definitely a good step forward.

We are working as hard as possible with partners right now to support anyone in crisis, isolated and those we have already moved into independent living to ensure that have the resources to stay safe.

Our very latest updated service is as follows:

♡ We are still providing our tailored vulnerable women and general support and advice services but, on a telephone only basis for the time being.

♡ We are still conducting our essential home visits and advocacy service were appropriate

♡ We are increasingly delivering more emergency food parcels to our vulnerable adults and families; however, we are running out of store cupboard food and essentials very quickly! Any support would be appreciated

♡ We are still offering support and advice over the phone to anyone that is in crisis or needs it

♡ We will still be moving adults and families in to their new independent homes where appropriate to do so when the focus is on safety and the emergency need to self-isolate.


Here are some useful contacts

LetsTalk 01482 247111 www.letstalkhull.co.uk

CAMHS Crisis Team 9am – 5pm 01482 303688 After 5pm 01482 335600

Samaritans – 01482 116123

Adult Mental Health Crisis 01482 301701

Mind – Info line: 0300 123 3393

Email: info@mind.org.uk

Text: 86463

Mental Health response service 24hrs – 01482 301701

Humbercare – 01482 225029

Wilson Centre – 01482 300300

The Crossings – 01482 598370

Westbourne House – 01482 497575

Doorstep – 01482 345006

Purple House – 01482 790310 / info@purplehouse.co.uk

Humber Turning Point – 01482 342426

Hull City Council – 01482 300300

Riverside Housing – 01482 629900

Hull Foodbank – 01482 224783
Jubilee Central,
Waltham st
Mon: 11.00-14.00
Weds: 11.00-14.00
Thurs: 11.00-14.00
Fri: 11.00-14.00

Hull Foodbank East – 07723055753
Ing Resource Centre
Savoy Road
Tues: 13.00-16.00

Hull Foodbank West – 01482 352995
St Martins Church
North Road
Tues: 10.30-13.00


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Our response to Covid-19

With the news that increasingly strict measures are being taken to prevent the spread of the virus in the UK, we wanted to let you know we are carrying on as normal best we can to support our at risk and isolated customers who have no one else. Social distancing and isolation are already a reality for many people we work for, so at present:

♡ We are still providing our tailored vulnerable women and general drop-in services but, on an appointment, only basis for the time being
♡ We are still conducting our home visits and advocacy service were appropriate
♡ We have started to increase the amount of emergency food parcels we are delivering to our vulnerable adults and families; however, we are running out of store cupboard food and essentials like loo roll and hand soap, we maybe have a few weeks’ worth left at most.

Many fundraising events are being cancelled by supporters for many small charities (including us) which is understandable, putting a strain on our invaluable voluntary sector which plugs the gaps in government support for at risk, marginalised adults and children across the country.

Please remember when you are shopping for supplies that we, like many other charities rely on the availability of food and essentials to be able to support those who are not in the position to do so themselves.

As the situation progresses, we will update you with our provision and plans to respond. We would like to wish health and happiness to all our friends and supporters at this time. We hope you and your families stay safe and well.

If you or anyone you know is in crisis, at risk of homelessness, isolated or in need of any support, we can help.
Call us on 01482 231278
Email: info@hullhomeless.co.uk

Other help available:
The Warren for young people 01482 218115
Hull city council housing options walk in or call 01482 300300
Hull foodbank (Jubilee) 01482 224783
CAMHS crisis team 9am – 5pm 01482 303688 0r after 5pm 01482 335600
Adult mental health crisis 01482 301701
Mental health response service 24hrs 01482 301701
Citizens Advice Bureau 0344 411 1444

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Eastfield primary school walks Humber Bridge for HHCP

In July, the year 5 children at Eastfield primary school were busy collecting sponsors in their bid to walk across the Humber Bridge in aid of Hull Homeless.

We were invited into school to talk to the children about our work with vulnerable and at-risk families and children in Hull. We spoke about how we support them to avoid or escape homelessness and how we help them to achieve and maintain independence.

We could not miss the opportunity to spend the day with the children walking across the Humber bridge with the children and teachers. They were all absolute sweethearts, and all made it across, even those who were scared of heights.

Each class walked across the bridge separately while the other classes visited the fishing heritage museum. Our founder and CEO walked across the bridge and back with each and every class throughout the whole day, it was a very hot and sunny day, thankfully they had plenty of water and sun cream.

The whole year group enjoyed a picnic on the grass at the country park for lunch.

After the walk and all the sponsorship was collected in the children managed to raise over £1400!

Thank you to all the children, parents, and staff at Eastfield Primary for their kindness and amazing effort in helping us to support children in need across Hull.


Modern slavery helpline report 2019

The UK Modern Slavery Helpline and Resource Centre have released their new report exploring the links between modern slavery and homelessness, based on calls and reports to the Modern Slavery Helpline between 2016 and 2019.

The report shows that between October 2016 – April 2019, the Helpline identified 353 potential victims of modern slavery who also experienced homelessness before, during or after exploitation.

As this report indicates, connections between modern slavery and homelessness/rough sleeping are seen across the UK. Only by ensuring everyone is aware of the indicators and understands their responsibility in safeguarding individuals, can we stop exploitation of the most vulnerable.

Over 350 Potential Victims of Modern Slavery Have Experienced Homelessness Since launching in October 2016, there has been 353 individuals reported to have experienced both homelessness and exploitation (2.5% of total PVs for this period). Periods of homelessness were reported before, during or after exploitation or at multiple points.

  • 14% (48 PVs) were homeless before exploitation
  • 24% (86 PVs) were homeless during exploitation
  • 66% (234 PVs) were homeless after exploitation

*These percentages do not add up to 100% as some individuals report being homeless during more than one stage of their exploitative experience.

Help prevent modern slavery & exploitation of the most vulnerable by calling the free, confidential Modern Slavery Helpline on 08000 121 700.


You can read the report here


Bristol Energy powers Unseen's new Modern Slavery helpline

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Thank you ‘Bags of help’

Yesterday our youngest volunteer Lillie popped in to Tesco St Stephens to update them on our work with children and families after our Groundwork Bags of Help donation. We also bumped into Dulcie the Dove from Dove House Hospice who was fundraising in store.

Read more

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RB Go Above and Beyond

You may remember us saying that RB has teamed up with HHCP to support our essential work across the city. As their official charity partner, we’re receiving enormous support from the company’s entire workforce. This will go toward our Move On project, which helps to transition people into independent living, as well as the purchase of a van for relocating people. Read more

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SGS Packaging Europe Apprentices Support HHCP

We love it when young people get involved with our charity, so it was fantastic to meet up with a group of enthusiastic apprentices from SGS Packaging Europe to chat about how they can support our ongoing efforts. Read more


£5,000 Funding Boost from the Allen Lane Foundation

We’re delighted to announce that HHCP has secured a cash boost of a whopping £5,000 from the Allen Lane Foundation, which will go towards core costs and essential admin work. Read more

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The Future Looks Bright for People Who Need Help the Most

In 2017, Co-op supermarket partnered with City Hearts charity to launch Bright Future. This fantastic employment programme has created opportunities for paid work placements in Co-op’s food business, specifically aimed at people who have been rescued from modern slavery.

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