HHCP and Breathe for Cameron fight for Asthma provision this winter

Asthma is a killer, there’s no doubt about that! It knows no bounds, doesn’t care for age or sex, it is a real issue for millions of people in the UK every year. One family it affected a few years ago with tragic consequences was Stacy and her son Cameron, here is their story;

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Cameron’s Story

Cameron was born on the 04th September 2004 a happy healthy little boy. At 2 weeks old he developed his first of many chest infections. After many trips to doctors he was given his first inhalers at age 8 months. He was not officially diagnosed with Asthma until he was 2. At this point we were referred to a consultant and had regular check-ups every 3 months to manage his Asthma and ensure he was getting the appropriate treatment.
At aged 3 he had his first Asthma attack which resulted in an overnight stay on the children’s ward. Cameron never let his Asthma stand in his way and after reassurance from his doctor Cameron joined a football team aged 6 which he absolutely loved. Cameron was very well educated with his Asthma and knew his limits on and off the pitch, he would always tell us if he was struggling to breathe and never complained if he could not play. His asthma was very well managed with his Seretide inhaler (preventer) and Ventolin inhaler (reliever) and his tablets (singular) He very rarely had attacks.

Stacy and Craig 2016 winners of the Heart of East Yorkshire awards

On 26.11.14 it was a standard Wednesday night football training session and there was nothing to suggest anything sinister was about to happen. Cameron was fit and well with no signs of a cold or any wheezing, he went off to join his team mates for the session and I waved him off and waited with the other mums inside. 20 minutes into the session Cameron was brought back in struggling to breathe. I asked how many times he had taken his pump and he had only had it 4 times (advice given is 10 pumps) I gave him his inhaler 6 more times while an ambulance was called. Unfortunately whilst waiting for the ambulance to arrive Cameron lost consciousness very quickly and CPR had to be performed. He was in cardiac arrest for 15 minutes in total and although was brought back it was not enough.

We were transferred to Leeds General PICU where Cameron stayed for 4 days. He was in a medically induced coma to allow his brain to recover. Unfortunately after 2 days he started to deteriorate and a scan revealed extensive brain damage… my beautiful boy was not going to recover. We were then faced with the worst decision for any parent and that was to let him go. He was not going to get better. As heart-breaking as it was it was the only thing we could do. On the 30.11.14 I laid with my beautiful boy one last time and said my goodbyes. This is Cameron’s story and one that I want to share to make people aware just how under estimated Asthma can be. In 15 short minutes my beautiful boy was taken away and there was no warning what so ever that it was coming. Asthma is not just a little blue pump that makes things all better and I hope by people reading Cameron’s story they will become more aware of Asthma and the devastation it can bring.

You can find out more about the Breathe Charity here at Breathe for Cameron

Whilst discussing provision of care we identified a real need to provide potentially life saving emergency asthma kits to hostels shelters and related places. We are passionate about across the board treatment and access to care for all regardless of your situation, and when we put this idea to Craig and Stacy from Breathe they jumped at the opportunity to help more residents of our city, and our partnership was formed.

The partnership will provide 30 hostels, shelters and associated locations in Kingston upon Hull with asthma care packages. These packages will include a disposable spacers, an asthma attack aid memoir and information on spotting the signs and symptoms. Breathe for Cameron will also be providing asthma training to the staff of these vital facilities to enable them to deal with any vulnerable person who may suffer such an attack. The kits will be used for people diagnosed with asthma in conjunction with their own inhalers prescribed by their doctors.

New Friends

New Friends

There are many triggers for asthma as we know, this could be pollen, hay, grass, heat, dust, but also the cold weather will have a huge impact on any person who suffers with asthma, coupled with prolonged periods outdoors, and the associated problems that come with being homeless and displaced.

Our aim is to level the playing field regards access to healthcare for all residents of Hull, regardless of background, living situation, wealth, ethnicity, age, status or needs.

Fundraising has begun already to help purchase the kits and equipment, we aim to have the first kits into the pinoneer sites by the end of november at the latest after staff have completed and passed the training module provided by the clinical leads from Breathe for Cameron.

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