Breathe For Cameron and HHCP fight asthma awareness together

A fabulous end to our asthma aware campaign with Breathe For Cameron last night as services from across Hull came together for our specialised training course delivered by BFC clinical leads on emergency first aid procedures.

The training designed to educate staff on the dangers of Asthma and the steps to take in the event of a serious attack was the culmination of 3 months of work for the two charities who partnered up to provide Asthma emergency first aid kits to shelters and hostels in our region.

On completion of the training each provider received their new kits to take bag to their individual settings to enable staff to be better prepared in the event of a life threatening asthma attack.

The course was held at St John Ambulance Hull. A fantastic turn out from staff across various sites at Humbercare Ltd, Riverside, Emmaus Hull & East Riding and the 8 companions who also came and Donnington court who gave their time to earn additional skills for the benefit and safety of their service users. Fair and equal provision of care is a must for everybody
Thank you to everyone that came

You can read full details about the partnership in our previous news articles.